Nails Enhancements

  • Dipping Powder w/Tips-no/Tips full set $50/$45

    We use OPI Natural Dipping Powder that is MMA-free! It does not harm your nails and does not use UV light. Nail colors are included!

  • ***Add Manicure Extra $10 MORE
  • Gel Powder full set/ fill in $55/ $45

    A combination of our gel powder and OPI Gel to give you a clear, high glossy look that's light, strong and natural.

  • Solar Pink & White Nails full set/ fill in $60/ $50

    These are perfect for clients who want beautiful nails quickly! They are strong, durable, and non-yellowing. They look and feel completely natural and last well until the next fill giving your nails a natural pink and white glow.

  • Ombre Nails full set/ fill in $65/ $55 (2 colors)

    Ombre is a way of playing with colors from dark to light, from one color to another, in a very harmonious and attractive fashion.

  • Shellac Gel Manicure $40

    This manicure includes our Basic Manicure but uses a long-lasting gel polish, which stays on longer than two weeks without causing damage to your nails.

Shellac Gel Color Change

  • Hand Color / French $30/ $35
  • Toes Color / French $35/ $40
  • Any Pedicure Service: *Add $20 more for gel polish *Add $27 more for french


Nail shape and cutting cuticles trimming with lotion massage, and polish.

  • Basic Manicure $20
  • OPI Infinite Shine $30
  • Deluxe Manicure $30

    *Collagen gloves mash *Deep moisturizing with Vitamin E.

  • Royal Signature $40

    This is an absolute one-of-a-kind custom blend manicure using all- organic herbs and essential oils with choices of many scent combinations to tailor to your needs. It includes nail shaping, cuticle trimming, lotion massage, and polish. We also use a sugar scrub gel, mask, and lotion.


  • Basic spa Pedicure (25-30 minutes) $35

    Our Basic Spa Pedicure includes nail trimming, shaping, buffing, and grooming of the cuticle. Along with callus remover, added to the bottom of the feet, that will clear away the dryness of the heels. Finally, your legs and feet will be treated to a scented tangerine sugar scrub that will mildly exfoliate white blend natural honey and oil. Finishing off with a lavender chamonile lotion massage. enriched with vitamin E, wrapping your legs in a hot towl along with a polish of your choice.

  • Deluxe Spa Pedicure (35-40 minutes) $45

    Choose your scent:Ocean Refresh, Lemon Quench, Vitamin Rechange, Cucumber Fresh, Lavender, Tangerine Twist. Includes a neck wrap, herb bag, and a complimentary drink of drink choice! Our Deluxe Spa Pedicure includes the listed in the Basic Spa Pedicure, plus the far up most relaxing essential. This stress-relieving treatment includes a purifying foot soak with botanical and a scent of your choice. Along with a skin scrub massage with natural sugar crystals, a hydrating skin treatment massage lotion, and a skin smoother with lipid complexes. We then finish off your treatment with a warm herb bag that will redirect energy flow to an area of blockage to harmonize the body and a hot towel wrap that induces a deep dermal transformation together with comfrey root extract that will your feet with warmth.

  • Pearl Spa Pedicure (45-50 minutes) $55

    Includes a neck wrap, herb bag, and a complimentary drink of your choice. Our Pearl Spa Pedicure includes the Basic Spa Pedicure along with "beauty jewels from the deep sea" that rejuvenates the skin making it lustrous. Starting off, you will soak your feet in a soothing pearl soak for refreshment, the pearl cleanser with rich and silky lather will be added on to the legs after the scrubbing of the heels. Topping it off, a scrub will be massaged onto the legs that will gently exfoliate rough, dry skin. Finally, a foot massage, which will help maintain your youthful elasticity and a massage cream, that includes the herb bag and hot towel, that will leave your skin a smooth and subtle texture, giving your legs a healthy glow.

  • Royal Signature (55-65 minutes) $65

    Includes a neck wrap, herb bag, and a complimentary drink of your choice. Try ultimate pedicure at Royal Nail Spa! It is an absolute one of a kind custom blend pedicure using all-organic herbs and essential oils with choices of many scent combinations to tailor to your needs.

  • Sugar Scrub Gel

    Created with soybean oil sugar crystals. Your choice of herb & essential oils, this herbal exfoliant removes dead skin from your legs, heel and feet leaving it smooth and primed for the following steps.

  • Lotion

    Hydrate and moisturize the skin. This will help keep the skin soft. Supple and young while provided extra massage and reflexology to combat stress and achieve well.

  • Mask

    An unscented herbal pedicure mask that helps nourish and remove impurities while soothing and softening the skin.

A la carte - kid's menu

Children’s Age Under 12



  • Regular $25
  • Royal Signature $52
  • Deluxe $32
  • Pearl Spa $42


  • Regular $10
  • Royal Signature $23
  • Deluxe $17

Polish change

  • Regular Polish Hands/ Toes $8/ $10
  • Gel Polish Hands/ Toes $17/ $22

Waxing services

  • Eyebrows $12
  • Upper Lip $7
  • Sideburn $10
  • Full face $40
  • Full Arm $40+
  • Under Arm $25+
  • Half Legs $40+
  • Back $40+
  • Chest $30+
  • Half Arm $25+

Other services


  • Removal $10
  • Cut Down $3
  • Repair $5
  • Big Toes $14

Polish Change

  • Hands $13
  • Toes $17
  • French Tips $20
  • French Tips add $5